Did you know that solar panels work well in cold climates? Well, it's an answer to a question from a sceptic. As such, the first step in today's article will be to correct the notion of who a sceptic is. People often describe a sceptic as a pessimist. For us at Solar Power Etal, a sceptic is a person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions. The point is, they love to ask questions, and we at solar power etal are ready to answer every single one of their questions. Below are some of the questions asked by sceptics and our answers“

Is solar power feasible for my location -  Sure, solar power is feasible for any location. The point is "Do you are a roof over your head" Does the sun shine in your area - Do you feel the need to use electricity and "Do you feel the need to save on electricity? Then, go solar. Solar panels do not select locations; all they need is a little portion of out of the 173,000 terawatts of energy that the sun blasts to the earth annually.

What happens when the solar panel stops tracking the sun? - first, solar panels do not have trackers. Next solar panels do not have to track the sun. At the point of installation, the solar panels are positioned and tested such that they directly face the sun without any obstruction. Such that solar panels maintain stationary positions. THEY DO NOT MOVE!

How do I constantly maintain my solar panel i.e. like washing? – solar panels do not require constant maintenance. It only requires constant reading. Which is keep an eye on the system "Is the green light on? Good. Is it flashing? probably not good" (consult your manual). If you feel something is wrong, call an expert. As regards washing DO NOT WASH!!!. The position of the panel makes is open to natural cleaning (because it's in a slanting position, it can be easily cleaned by the rain by the breeze).  

Why do Solar panels make the roofs unattractive: do solar panels make the roofs unattractive? well the answer is relative! the reason is Professional installers can place solar panels on any roof pitch, angle, and condition without damaging the roof and making it unattractive even after.