Solar Panels lose performance through the buildup of dust, dirt, and other debris on them. According to a study in the United States in Tucson, Arizona, cleaning solar panels improves output by around 1%.  It is advisable to clean your panels early in the morning or at sunset. According to Solar Energy Power Association, dirty solar panels can lose up to 20 percent of energy output. Solar Panels can be cleaned weekly or monthly depending on the kind of the solar panel you use and the environment you live.

Cleaning your Solar Panels

Never clean with regular water directly for the tap. Use distilled or deionized water. Spray off your panels to soften and rinse off particles and before scrubbing.

It is important not to use regular hard cleaning tools for your panels. Hard tools like brush can easily cause damage. It leaves the solar panels vulnerable to scratches. Therefore, use a soft bristled brush to gently scrub your panels after spraying them with water, using a garden hose with spray nozzle.

Do not use cleaning agents like detergent or bleach for your solar panels. It is advisable to use a solar panel cleaning solution in cases where only water and bristle brush cannot clean your panels properly.

Under no circumstance should you spray cold water on your panels. This can cause the tempered glass at the top to break. It can also damage your modules and reduce the energy produced from your solar panels. You can also use the squeegee to remove dirty water after spraying your panels. Avoid using harsh chemicals capable of damaging your solar panels.