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Solar PV system comprises of electrical and electronic equipment such as solar modules, inverters, cables, switch gears etc. When all these components are combined together and placed in open space facing sunlight, the system starts generating electricity. The electricity thus generated can be stored in batteries or used directly by the consumer. If consumer is not storing electricity and not able to consume complete power generated by solar PV system, he can also feed the excess power to the utility grid. The function of each component of solar PV system is explained below.

  • SPV Modules: It converts solar energy into electrical energy. There are primarily two kinds of PV modules:
    1. Crystalline
    2. Thin-film
  • Inverter: It converts the DC power produced by PV modules into AC power. The AC power is then either injected directly into the grid or consumed onsite.
  • Balance of System (BoS): All components other than the PV modules are termed as balance of system. The components included in BoS are:
    1. Mounting Structure: It is used to support and hold the PV panels. The structure is designed depending on the roof type, structural strength, cost, wind loads, etc.
    2. Wiring and cabling: DC cables are used to connect solar panels and connect the string with inverter.
    3. Safety equipment: Safety feature protects the solar system from being damaged or harming people during the events such as lightning event, power surge, and malfunctioning equipment. The safety equipment consists of safety disconnect, grounding equipment, and surge protection.
    4. Bi-directional Meters: Bi-directional meters are used to keep track of the electricity that solar system produces and the electricity that is used from the grid.

What We Do

We design, develop and install cutting-edge solar PV systems that are best suited to your energy needs and maximize efficiency to give you the best value for your investment.

Our Services Include:

  • Design and Installation
  • Energy consumption analysis
  • Cost–benefit and risk analysis
  • Business case development
  • Solar and Battery solutions
  • Controls and Smart Meters
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