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Schneider Conext XW+ Hybrid Inverter & Charger 8548E

ConextTM XW+ is an adaptable single-phase and three-phase hybrid inverter with grid-tie functionality and dual AC power inputs. Available solar charge controllers, monitoring, and automated generator control modules enable further adaptability. From a single Conext XW+ unit to clusters up to 102 kW, the Conext XW+ is a scalable system that allows for the integration of solar capacity as required. Adaptable and scalable, the Schneider ElectricTM Conext XW+ system is the one solution for grid-interactive and off-grid, residential and commercial, solar and backup power applications.



Device short name

XW+ 8548 E

Output power (continuous) at 25°C

6800 W

Overload 30 min/60 sec at 25°C

8500 W/12000 W

Output power (continuous) at 40°C

6000 W

Maximum output current 60 seconds (rms)

53 A

Output frequency (selectable)

50/60 Hz

Output voltage

230 Vac

Total harmonic distortion at rated power

< 5%

Idle consumption search mode

< 7 W

Input DC voltage range

40 to 64 V (48 V nominal)

Maximum input DC current

180 A

Maximum output charge current

140 A

Output charge voltage range

40 – 64 V (48 V nominal)

Charge control

Three stage, two stage, boost, custom

Charge temperature compensation

Battery temperature sensor included

Power factor corrected charging


Compatible battery types

Flooded (default), Gel, AGM, Lithium ion, custom*

Battery bank range (scaled to PV array size)

440 to 10000 Ah

AC 1 (grid) input current (selectable limit)

3 – 60 A (56 A default)

AC 2 (generator) input current (selectable limit)

3 – 60 A (56 A default)

Automatic transfer relay rating/typical transfer time

60 A/8 ms

AC input voltage nominal

230 V +/- 3%

AC input frequency range (bypass/charge mode)

45 – 55 Hz (default) 40 – 68 Hz (allowable)

Grid sell on AC1 (max)

6.0 kVA

Grid sell current range on AC1 (selectable range)

0 to 27 A

Grid sell voltage range on AC1

205 to 262 Vrms (auto adjust entering sell mode)

Grid sell frequency range on AC1

48 to 51 Hz (auto adjust entering sell mode)

Grid sell power factor range (lead/lag)


Part number


Product/shipping weight

55.2 kg (121.7 lb)/76.7 kg (169.0 lb)

Product dimensions (H x W x D)

58 x 41 x 23 cm (23 x 16 x 9 in)

Shipping dimensions (H x W x D)

71.1 x 57.2 x 39.4 cm (28.0 x 22.5 x 15.5 in)

IP degree of protection


Operating air temperature range


Warranty (depending on the country of installation)


System monitoring and network communications


Intelligent features


Auxiliary port


Off-grid AC coupling


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